Trump insists that Mexico will pay for the border wall in “some way”

President Donald Trump insisted Sunday that Mexico will end up paying “somehow” for the border wall, a project whose financing is threatened by opposition from some Democratic and Republican lawmakers.

“Over time, at a later date so we can start soon, Mexico will somehow pay for the border wall we so badly need,” Trump said in his Twitter account.

Despite the Mexican government’s frontal opposition, Trump has continued to insist that Mexico will eventually pay for the border wall, whose funds to begin construction must be approved by the United States Congress.

The White House has called on Congress to approve a $ 1.4 billion for the wall item within the budget to fund the administration that lawmakers must approve before midnight next Friday to avoid a partial closure of the government, as in 2013.

Congressional Democratic leaders oppose the inclusion of a pool of funds in the budgets for the wall and have warned that if Trump does not withdraw it, they will let the government close.

Trump himself criticized the Democrats’ decision today with a message on Twitter: “Democrats do not want budget money to be used to finance the wall despite the fact that it would stop drugs and the bad members of the band MS- 13 (Mara Salvatrucha) “.

The government announced this week a policy of “zero tolerance” against criminal gangs, such as Mara Salvatrucha, with a strong force in Central America and which the US accuses of infiltrating across the border with the thousands of Central American immigrants fleeing from the violence.

The Wall Financing issue has also sparked rejection among Republican Party lawmakers, which would not be a good sign for Trump.

In fact, according to The Wall Street Journal, Republican lawmakers in Mexico’s border states have joined fellow Democrats to push for a $ 1.4 billion budget cut for the construction of the wall.

Trump’s proposal for the wall was one of his great campaign promises, for which he signed one of his first executive orders as president, assuring that the Mexicans would reimburse the cost of it, although initially it has to be paid by the federal coffers .

The estimated value of the wall has risen from $ 8 billion Trump initially estimated to $ 21.6 billion, according to the latest figures from the Department of Homeland Security.

Trump insists that Mexico will pay for the border wall in “some way”

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